Should you get a curved display?

If you want to use a TV monitor at the same time, you can also use it as a real TV screen without having to buy two TVs or a TV and monitor to use together. Compared with TV, the refresh rate of the monitor is usually much better, because the monitor can produce a higher refresh rate. This means that your game will be smoother when using a monitor than when using Best Monitor a TV. This is because they are specifically designed for games, and TVs have multiple uses. Both TVs and monitors support variable refresh rate technology, but the latter is much cheaper. Compared with monitors that do not support these features, FreeSync and G-Sync monitors still have a high price premium, so if you plan to buy, be sure to use this technology.

There is no need to constantly switch between windows on one screen, which can significantly improve work efficiency. We recommend that you take the measurement first, and then consider whether the second monitor fits on your desk. Remember, your second monitor does not have to be the same size as the first monitor.

Casual gamers can enjoy most games at 60FPS, while ordinary PC users will not benefit from higher frame rates. Usually, they’d better spend money on larger displays with higher resolution. In most cases, if you need a new monitor for general computing purposes, you will need a higher resolution so that the image looks clearer. This is very useful when watching movies or performing various productivity tasks. You may also want to consider buying a larger monitor so that you can view more content at the same time, or buying two cheaper monitors so that you can take full advantage of dual screens.

Many gaming monitors provide overload and motion blur reduction features. Ghosting is a fuzzy trajectory sometimes produced by moving objects on the screen. This is caused by uneven pixel transitions, or when the display’s pixels change from color A to color B longer than it takes to change from color B to color A. If you plan to use HDR content for a large number of competitive games, please consider purchasing a G-Sync Ultimate or FreeSync Premium Pro monitor. Both features are certified to reduce input latency and provide additional advantages for HDR movies.

Instead, look for a monitor that can provide you with the right combination of features. Finding a monitor with refresh rate, resolution, screen size, and aspect ratio that matches your PC’s performance should be a top priority. If you are a hardcore PC gamer, the twisted nematic panel may be your screen of choice. Computer monitors with TN panels provide the highest refresh rate and the fastest response time.

TVs provide a superior viewing experience at a lower price and provide better HDR support than monitors. That’s why we chose TVs for this category, but if you are willing to spend more on the monitor, you can get better picture quality. If you buy a 120Hz monitor, it will display this refresh rate locally and be able to display extra frames displayed by the PC during gaming. Portability is a major feature of notebook computers, so a smaller screen size is required.