Rule Of Third Card In Baccarat Shemin-De-Fer 



Distributed to European institutions. Here the casino does not participate in the game, but only provides equipment and monitors the implementation of the rules. The players alternately become the banker. The bank is collected from the bets of the participants, and from it comes 5% of the casino commission.


The first potholder is the player who bet the most. The participant sitting to his right can be the first to bet on the entire bank. If the banker loses, he passes the box with the cards to the neighbor on the right.


Then the banker decides. If he has more than his opponent, then he takes the bets and deals further. If the opponent has more points, then the winner takes the win in the amount of his bet multiplied by 2 times. In this case, the player to the right of the banker goes over the role of the dealer.


Classic (European) baccarat

Classic Baccarat is a lot like American baccarat and available on 바카라사이트. There are two main differences:


  • if the player has five points in his hand, he decides whether to take the third card or not;
  • the size of the bank is determined by the institution. Players participate depending on the size of the previous visitors’ bets.

In the case of winning a bet on banco, players pay 5% of the casino commission.


Punto Banco

A table with a special layout is used here. The number of players is up to 16. The game is played by one dealer. Participants bet on punto (player), banco (dealer), or egalite (draw). Otherwise, the rules do not differ from the usual American version.


Baccarat strategies

It is worth knowing that card counting, Martingale, and other well-known baccarat strategies do not work. There is not much freedom of action here, and the advantage in case of a successful bet is not too high. Therefore, other tips apply to this game.

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