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For a smart groom who does homework before buying 求婚戒指 his fiance a diamond ring, it is not enough to know four C diamonds (size, color, purity and carat); He also needs to know how to choose diamonds from different styles, cuts and frames.

One of the most popular styles on the market is a round gloss created by one of the first. Thanks to modern cutting technologies, the cut is now based on precise mathematical equations to create stone with fire and brilliance. This is what the first masters of jewels could only dream of.

Of course, if the bride is looking for something unique, there is a lot to choose from. It can choose a pear-shaped diamond (one end wider than the other), an oval, an emerald or a heart-shaped diamond. In addition to these cuts, there are also unique cut diamonds, such as a square diamond cut princess.

Some cuts, such as the elongated Ashoka diamond or the Asprey and Garrard Eternal diamond, are patented. There are other branded and patented cuts, including Elara, Asscher and Couples diamonds. Elara is a square-cut diamond with rounded corners, and Usher is a square diamond with rounded faces (which gives the diamond an unusual complexity). The pair’s diamond is cut to show a circle of hearts or arrows inside, for the appearance of the image requires a valuable cutout.

The price of a diamond increases exponentially with the increase in its weight in carats. Given the same qualities in other areas, a two-carat diamond costs more than twice as much as a diamond in one carat. A one-carat diamond also costs a lot more than ten diamonds for ten points.

One way to improve the ring is jewelry such as chopsticks or trillions. Baguette is a small emerald diamond, and a trillion is a triangular diamond. They can be placed on either side of the main stones to strengthen the central stone.

Many men are worried about how to present their soul mate, and are intimidated into asking a question. Put the ring in the chocolate pudding, hoping she’ll find it? What if she chokes on it? This scenario is just one of many things a potential bidder goes through by visualizing their plan. I hope the next 5 ideas of the proposals will help the guys to gain courage and inspiration to make and implement the perfect offer!

Take it to where you were on your first date (but this time keep it soft and gentle). At the end of the date, get down on your knees and get a diamond ring!

For those who can afford it, take it to an exotic island or country. In a particularly romantic moment (such as looking at the landscape on top of a hill or dining in a nice romantic restaurant) flash chic.

Decorate her room with roses or her favorite flowers. When she gets home, play a series of romantic songs and dance with her. Let the last song be a song that you and she will learn as ‘our song’ before the engagement ring erupts and whispers the words…

Be cunning. Team up with her parents or family to throw her a surprise birthday party. She’s expecting a birthday surprise, but no offers! And when candles are lit on the cake and she closes her eyes to make a wish, take out the diamond ring and put it in front of you. When she opens her eyes, ask a question!

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