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Not only are socks a playful way to navigate transitional seasons, they’re also a seriously affordable way designer socks to freshen up your footwear. (Plus, you can avoid those pesky new-shoe blisters.)

We were so inspired by Blahnik’s enthusiasm that we went to his New York City headquarters and made this happiness-inducing video with his lovely socks and shoes for you. Enjoy!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Design: What we love about ‘The Wave’ design; it’s fun, first and foremost – those layered blue curves make us crave the ocean waves!The pattern and colors arebalanced, and the inspiration is clear.While this particular design is crew length, Neon Bandits also currently offers nifty designs in mid-calf and ankle silhouettes, in case that’s more your style.

We’re glad to see the Neon Bandits ‘name’ knit in – not just at the toe, but also as a nice ‘surprise’ inside at the top. Knitting in a logo is one of the best ways to ensure your sock brand is constantly recognized after the packaging is gone, especially when it shares a sock drawer with many other pairs :).

Materials: Being selective in their materials-of-choice, (which is a good thing when you want your socks to perform in a specific way) Neon Bandits favors acrylic yarn as their ‘main ingredient’ in their socks – mainly for its moisture-wicking and shape-retaining properties that help keep the sock from slipping down, and help keep you comfortable during wear. Of course, to allow for design and stretch-ability, the socks also include a little bit of polyester, spandex and natural latex rubber. To the touch, the socks feel quite soft.

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