15 She Sent Ideas For A Garden Trip

Turn your shed into a beautiful greenhouse and garden! Make sure that good natural light gets into your shed and then fill your room with everything from flowers and hanging plants to succulents and herb gardens. At this point in particular, we all need a place where we can work, imagine, create, plan and relax. More importantly, we want a room where we can enjoy undisturbed time for ourselves. Read, paint, write, work in the garden, drink tea (or wine!), alone or with friends and family, in your own SheShed.

Some of them include air plants, aloe vera plants, philodendrons or kalanchos. When it comes to green outdoors, you create an inviting interior with low-maintenance landscaping. If you want more privacy in your hiding place, plant tall shrubs, trees and ivy to hide your shed. This room is a fairytale barn and has two floors on which the loft on the second floor is accessible via a permanent ladder. A small window has swing cottage style hatches.

So let go and choose something bolder and more “you” than what’s in the main house. A rustic garden house is covered with vines, a special place in the garden to relax and unwind. The barn has old windows and recovered wood. Inside, the room offers a sink, potted plants, a stool and a small library with garden books.

Guide the wall into an air-conditioned room with large bookshelves, install a small pendant lamp to illuminate the room, and then create a cozy seating area. If you have difficulty working from home, an outdoor office may be the perfect solution. Close the door for daily tasks such as rinsing and rinsing dishes, with simple work equipment and a cozy interior. With floor-to-ceiling windows and light white interior walls, this backyard shed is ideal for a photo studio. Set up a rotating space on one side and a desk and chair on the other.

This wooden retreat in the back yard is a barn / garden room for a mother of two who stay at home. This structure consists almost entirely of recycled pallet she shed wood. This structure offers a study / play room, a play house, 2 climbing walls, a slide and a swing and under the slide there is a wooden shop.

Perhaps it is the bright red door and the contrast of the green upholstery and the roof with the rustic wooden cladding. This is a jewelry workshop in the back yard, a peaceful retreat where she can concentrate on her job. The most striking thing is of course the clear turquoise color of the inner walls. This bright color gives the whole place a happy, summer and refreshing atmosphere. Here is a cute little barn with a pleasant rustic atmosphere thanks to the beautiful wood and the beautiful upholstery of the doors and windows.

A barn resembles a male hole, but is outside in a barn that has been converted into a cozy retreat. If there is already an existing structure on your website, you should convert it to your private oasis. These rooms can be used to enjoy your hobbies, e.g. Crafting, writing, reading, painting or just relaxing from your busy family life.

Check your local laws before setting up a fire pit as some areas prohibit open fire. A brightly patterned carpet, like the painted walls, gives a touch of color. Tangalichter and a chandelier create atmosphere and reading light. A barn full of vintage character, which was built almost exclusively from recovered materials. The interior is halved with luxurious vinyl floors that are completely insulated with wall coverings .

Some easy ways to improve the entrance are to add doors that you love, hang some lights at the entrance, or create a beautiful stone path that leads to it. The enthusiasm she throws may be relatively new, but it’s not just a temporary trend. Having a special room to relax and unwind in your own garden is a luxury that everyone can enjoy.